journey into crystals

Do you have a collection of gorgeous healing crystals but don't know what to do with them?

Would you love to dive into the transformative power of crystals for your personal healing and spiritual growth?

Are you ready to infuse your meditation practice with the amplified energy of these precious gems?

Is your soul calling for an accelerated journey of spiritual expansion and self-discovery?

If you are new to the realm of crystals, Journey Into Crystals online course is designed to provide you with a nurturing foundation.

From selecting crystals intuitively to crafting powerful crystal grids, creating gemstone waters, and exploring body layouts for emotional healing, this course is your empowering gateway to initiate a profound connection with the extraordinary gifts bestowed by Mother Earth.

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soul-full learning

Embark on a transformative Journey Into Crystals, a comprehensive course comprising 7 LIVE WORKSHOPS conducted fortnightly on Zoom.

Unlike conventional courses, our
workshops transcend theory, integrating practical exercises to enhance your learning experience.

Upon course completion, revel in the satisfaction of receiving a Certificate of Completion as a testament to your crystal mastery.

Why opt for pre-recorded videos when you can enjoy the vibrancy of LIVE workshops?

Engage in lively discussions, deepen your understanding, and enjoy a sense of soulfulness in your learning.

Start whenever you are ready!

Meet your inspiring course tutor, Jade Marsh, the visionary behind Spirit Crystal Academy, a Quantum Coach and Energy Healer with more than a decade of expertise.

Jade is passionate about guiding you on your crystal-infused journey.

"Each crystal is a masterful storyteller, revealing the mysteries of the Universe through its unique vibration."

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Course Outline

Module One
Embark on a captivating journey into crystal healing and vibrational healing in this module. Explore how crystals communicate and interact with us through our energetic field. Discover the significance of working with personal crystals and why crafting a crystal journal is a transformative practice. Conclude the module by discovering the must-have crystals for your toolkit.

Module Two
Module Two explains the diverse methods of choosing, cleansing, charging and caring for our cherished crystals. Dive into the intricate process of dedicating, attuning and programming crystals to align with specific intentions. Practice sensing crystal energy, enhancing your intuitive connection with these precious gems.

Module Three
Delve into the significance of grounding in Module Three and learn to identify symptoms of being ungrounded. Explore passive and active ways to ground using crystals, coupled with creating body layouts for this purpose. Shift the focus to utilizing crystals for energetic protection and fortify your energy field.

Module Four
Navigate through the energy centres (chakras) within the body in Module Four. Identify symptoms of unbalanced chakras, delve into chakra color association, and discover simple methods to balance your energy centres using crystals.

Module Five
Module Five emphasizes the crucial aspect of emotional healing. Learn ways to use crystals for emotional release and balance, including body layouts. Explore the therapeutic potential of crystals to alleviate anxiety, stress and worry, and discover their role in promoting restful sleep.

Module Six
Explore the art of crystal massage for the physical body in Module Six. Uncover the secrets of giving yourself or your partner. a soothing crystal massage. Explore the creation of gemstone waters, while gaining insights into toxic crystals. Elevate your meditation practice by exploring ways to integrate crystals, unlocking new dimensions of tranquility and spiritual connection.

Module Seven
In this final module, elevate your vibration using crystals, and learn to align them with Law of Attraction techniques for manifestation. Uncover the art of creating crystal grids to amplify your intentions and conclude your transformative crystal journey.

Hands holding an Amethyst crystal cluster

Embark on a transformative journey with this comprehensive course offering...

• 7 modules
• Lifetime access to all recorded modules, enabling flexible learning
• Printable worksheets, attachments, charts and sacred geometry templates
• Tried and tested body layouts for emotional healing, anxiety and stress relief
• Ongoing email support throughout your learning experience
• A valuable Certificate of Completion

By the end of this course you'll acquire the skills to...

• Grasp the fundamentals of crystal workings
• Effectively choose, cleanse, charge and care for your crystals
• Intentionally program crystals for specific purposes
• Perform a rejuvenating crystal healing session on yourself
• Craft and blend gemstone waters
• Implement techniques to cleanse and protect your energy field
• Balance your energy centres for overall wellbeing
• Alleviate anxiety, stress, and insomnia using crystal therapy
• Create powerful crystal grids to manifest your desires
• Offer your partner a soothing and rejuvenating crystal massage

Unlock the secrets of crystal mastery and empower yourself with these valuable skills!

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“Jade’s Journey Into Crystals is a lovely experience and an insightful introduction into the world of the earth’s gems. You become part of a high-vibe group of students that makes each session such a joy to attend! I highly recommend it - it is a fun course and rest assured - it can significantly drive your growth.”
- Teodora, London

"I wanted to know how to do a crystal healing on myself for years and when I found Jade and we had a call I knew I wanted to do her Journey Into Crystals course. We did our Zoom calls every week because I wanted to learn quickly and it was really fun! I now can use my big collection that I’ve had for years and that’s what I wanted. I had all these crystals and I didn't know what to do with them! I got what I wanted from the course and it’s great to know how to balance myself and my energy and protect my energy. I’m signing up for her Crystal Practitioner course soon because now I’m addicted!"
~ Lauren, UK

“This Journey Into Crystals was so pleasant to attend! Meeting new persons and learning so many things about gemstones! Jade takes a lot of pleasure to pass her knowledge and her passion and we can feel it! Highly recommended to every person who may love crystals.”
- Jessica, Ibiza

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